Free practice

CSGO Skills comes with loads of tutorials to improve your skill

Easy to follow video tutorials by known pro gamers and YouTube and podcasters.

Hands-on practice tasks, which prompt you to actually practice , while giving you useful hints.

Several categories full of awesome techniques and training tutorials, such as Aiming, Movement and Grandes.


Training plan

Get 45 minutes of daily training with this pro feature

Track your progress by logging your hits and kills.

Flexible training units. You decide whether to train daily or just whenever you have spare time.

Test your skill by letting you play a competitive match and log your stats every 7 training units.


My Progress

Check out how you are doing and what have been training so far

See your accomplishments in every category and training detail.

Get simple chartsfor your training plan progress.

Share your training progress with friends to let them see how awesome you are.


Vote for features

Actively participate in the future of CSGO SKILLS

Your vote counts! We are continuously developing new features. But only those that gather the majority of votes.

Voice your ideas. You can simply suggest a feature and we will put it up to the vote.

Become a backer. From time to time we will allow you to kickstart a larger feature we are developing.


Gorgeous interface

iOS Flat Style &
Android Material Design

CSGO Skills comes with bleeding edge design. Experience the brand new Google Material Design look on Android or the elegant Flat Style on iOS.

Each module is color coded for easy accessibility:
Yellow for active training, blue for progress and olive for active participation.

All of this a elevated to a new level by a CSGO themed look with camo patterns and spray paint stencils.