Welcome to the CSGO Skills Academy

We want to introduce the CSGO Skills Academy, where you can find free and structured guides to systematically improve your Counter-Strike skills. We collect, test and structure the best strategies and tactics discussed on the internet. We give credit where credit is due, so you can be sure that you only follow advice from the best sources.

Lets kick it off with a broad overview of “How to train CS:GO” with excellent advice from the WarOwl and NiP friberg:


How to train CS:GO


We will follow up every week and go much deeper into each of the suggest practice areas:

  1. Practice the basis game mechanics
  2. Practice your game sense
  3. Practice team play



your CSGO Skills Team

P.S.: Shoot us an email if you want to give us feedback, report a bug or support our project. feedback@csgoskills.com

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