It’s never too late to learn

When was the last time you were angry after you lost a game in Counter-Strike? Even if it’s most likely because of your team, if your CS:GO skills were better you could have won this match. It’s never too late too late to improve your skills. With the right training and the right trainer, everything is possible.

Let’s take as an example the E-Sport Team Silver Snipers. Monica Idenfors is the youngest member of this team and she is 62 years old. In the beginning of 2017, she decided to use her free time by playing Counter-Strike and joined the Silver Snipers. She had no experience in this game but with professional training by the 10 times world cup champion Tommy Ingemarsson she played at the CS:GO Dreamhack tournament in Sweden in December.

It's never to late to learn CS:Go

The Silver Snipers are the oldest E-Sport team that ever played on the Dreamhack with an average of 70 years. Despite all of their enthusiasm, they didn’t win the tournament. Up against teams with higher skill, the Silver Snipers lost both of their matches. Wanja Godänge (“Knitting Knight”) even scored three headshots in one match. But the results were still positive. According to Idenfors, the feedback from the CS:GO community was very “positive and warm,” while Lenovo said that after their appearance the interest of older people for E-Sport increased.
So, if an 81-year-old man can improve his skills this much, you can do it too. It’s never too late to learn. Be humble and with a little bit of help, you will become better at CS:GO and you will start winning a lot of more games. Try our app for free to get your first results

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