CSGO Skills is live!

The logo of the new Counter-Strike Skills Trainer App "CSGO Skills"On June 2, 2014 we, the Maple Apps team, were sitting together, thinking about the next great app we want to launch. We have build a habit of playing one (or two) rounds of competitive CSGO as a team after the lunch break , so the idea to build something for the Counter-Strike community was not to far fetched. As you can imagine, we were not all on the same skill level, so the weaker team members were encouraged to work on our Counter-Strike skills. But how? We knew about and used excellent apps like Runtastic or Freeletics to get in better shape physically, but for CSGO Skills .. surprisingly there was no app for that. This is how the idea was born to build an app for the Counter-Strike community AND for ourselves to improve our skills and become stronger fraggers.


Whenever we build a new app we want to be sure that it’s worth our while, so we put up a landing page and asked for people to sign up if they were interested. 1500 signups, 150 answers to our surveys and tons of emails, telling us to finally build this app, convinced us to commit our time to this project. With your input and help we hope to have build a decent first version of a Counter-Strike trainer app. We will continue to let you suggest features and vote on the upcoming features and content of the app. This is part of our company DNA.

We decided to go Android first, because more people who showed great interest where Android users. As developers it also gives us the ability to make many, fast updates without making you wait too long. iOS will be launching very soon as well. It is already under review, so it should be available in the first days of 2015. To get your hands on the Android version go here:

Download the Counter-Strike Skill Trainer App for Android on Google Play



your CSGO Skills Team


P.S.: Shoot us an email if you want to give us feedback, report a bug or support our project. feedback@csgoskills.com