Cloud 9 ELEAGUE Boston Journey

Cloud 9 is the shining winner of the Eleague Major in Boston. The Americans managed to beat the European team of FaZe Clan, becoming the first North American team to win a major title in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. pictures are from hltv A rocky path The path to the final was similar for both teams: Cloud9 […]

It’s never too late to learn

When was the last time you were angry after you lost a game in Counter-Strike? Even if it’s most likely because of your team, if your CS:GO skills were better you could have won this match. It’s never too late too late to improve your skills. With the right training and the right trainer, everything […]

Do you want to improve your aim in CS:GO?

In the second article in the CSGO Skills Academy we focus on How to aim better in CS:GO. Increase your hit and headshot ratio. Increase your speed by pre-aiming and pre-firing. Learn to control the spray pattern of any weapon.

Welcome to the CSGO Skills Academy

We want to introduce the CSGO Skills Academy, where you can find free and structured guides to systematically improve your Counter-Strike skills. We collect, test and structure the best strategies and tactics discussed on the internet. We give credit where credit is due, so you can be sure that you only follow advice from the best sources.

CSGO Skills is live!

On June 2, 2014 we, the Maple Apps team, were sitting together, thinking about the next great app we want to launch. We have build a habit of playing one (or two) rounds of competitive CSGO as a team after the lunch break