Improve and Learn, with a New CS Subreddit for Strategies

In the past week, Counter Strike: Global Offensive subreddit /r/globaloffensive showed positive attention towards a new CS subreddit/r/counterstrikestrats.

The community has been quickly growing to over 2,000 subscribers, and has even reached Reddit’s official category for trending subs. Clearly, this means something.

Now, finally, to what the subreddit actually is. The subreddit is simple, but creates a community for everyone’s benefit. Posters, (or OP, meaning Original Poster) uploads a strategy or trick that has been found within a certain CS map. Users can then discuss in the comments section about how it can be used in a competitive environment, its benefits, or even how the posted thread has helped them. It is fairly simple, but is very powerful.

You, as a CS player should definitely be taking advantage of this, especially if you are an IGL (In-Game Leader, some pro examples include FalleN, adreN, and seangares) who is constantly looking for new strats to introduce his team into. I know I am, and I am also a moderator on the sub, so hope you see me around!



your CSGO Skills Team

P.S.: Shoot us an email if you want to give us feedback, report a bug or support our project.