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The AK-47 is probably the best (automatic) weapon in CS:GO, since it is able to one-shot-kill even with armor, if you hit the head or neck. If you have not yet decided which weapon you want to master first, this is an excellent choice for the terrorist side. It is very effective on all distances, but especially for medium and long distance. To improve your general aiming refer to our How to aim better in CS:GO guide.

It is recommended to buy the AK-47 as the standard weapon after the light rounds, when you are not playing AWP. Since normaly only one player is playing on op, the AK-47 is the most played weapon in the game. It is commonly observed even among pros that players on the CT side will switch the M4 for an AK-47 laying on the ground, if there is no AWP nearby.

  1. Shooting techniques
  2. Spray patterns and recoil compensation
  3. Properties


CSGO Weapon Guide AK-47 Stats

I could not find a better AK-47 overview than this one by Hatton


Shooting techniques


Aim for the head and shot only once, wait until your (dynamic) cross is fully reset and repeat as fast as possible. This technique avoids spray effects altogether. Since it take only milliseconds, you can actually shoot pretty fast. Practice shooting at the exact same spot on a wall, until you got the timing perfectly. Some players only use this technique with the AK-47, because of its one-shot-kill ability, but most prefer to use it mostly for long distance combat.


Aim for the head and shot 2-4 times. While the first 2 shots are pretty accurate, after that you need to pull down slightly so compensate for the recoil. Practice this by shooting against a wall. If you do not have dynamic crosshair (most don’t these days), you know that the your aim is reset, when your weapon model is back into default position (it goes up and back while bursting). You can use bursting in combination with side stepping / strafing in order to be harder to hit. Prefer this technique in close to medium distances.


The AK-47 sprays a lot more in CS:GO than in CS 1.6. But if you are in short distance fights and have to face multiple opponents, it is quite effective to spray. Even if you don’t hit a headshot (for which you should always aim) the first hit will most likely throw off your opponents aim. To learn to control the spray pattern of the AK-47 try this aiming exercise, which we already shared in the “How to aim better in CS:GO” Guide.


  • Open an empty server
    • e.g. map de_dust2_se
  • Configure the server for training in the console
    • sv_cheats 1 (Cheat Mode on)
    • impulse se 101 (16000 money)
    • sv_showimpacts 1 (show impacts)
    • sv_infiniteammo 2 (infinite ammo)
  • Buy an AK-47
  • Practice:
    • shoot against a wall and control your spray pattern
    • start with trying to do only single shots
    • then 2 which also usually land on the exact same spot, depending on the weapon
    • then 3, now practice to pull down at the right moment to land all bullets on the same spot
    • then 4 and so on
    • progress to more shots only when you have mastered one level


Once again TheWarOwl made a very good and entertaining video tutorial on the AK-47

Spray patterns and recoil compensation

Mastering the above techniques (especially the full spray) takes a lot of  practice time to master. To speed up your learning curve, look at the following animated pray patterns by twowordbird. The first shows the exact spray pattern (without randomness) of the AK-47, while the second show the movement your mouse needs to do to compensate it. Try to follow the seconds pattern with your mouse, then try to repeat it in the game.

ak-47 Compensationak-47 Recoil


AK-47 Properties
Price $2700
Magazine capacity 30/90
Firing mode(s) Automatic
Rate of fire 600 RPM
Used by Terrorists
Reload time 2.5 seconds
Movement speed 215
Kill Award $300 (Competitive)
$150 (Casual)
Damage 36
Armor Penetration 77.5%
Penetration Power 200
Hotkey B-4-2

Training with the CSGO Skills App

We like to keep a log of our training and measure our progress. If its the same for you, check out the CSGO Skills App for Android and iOS.


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