Silver To Eagle


This is an article that will hopefully help you to improve your skill and knowledge in Counter-Strike Global Offensive and help you to go from Silver to Legendary Eagle, and then eventually to the best rank in the game – Global Elite.   Improving in any game takes a lot of time and patience, you will not become a professional after a week of playing the game.  But with this tutorial, you can hopefully improve a lot faster and use your time in more of an efficient manner.  This tutorial is more for beginners, but it can also help more experienced players so stick around and you might learn a thing or two!


Before going into matchmaking

In order to play matchmaking you must get to level 2, this means it is required to play on the valve deathmatch, casual and arms race servers to get enough xp to achieve level 2.  The fastest way to arrive level 2 is to play casual or deathmatch (if you are not able to play matchmaking that is.)  If you are someone who has not even played your first ten games to acquire your rank, then not to worry because it may be better for you.  What do I mean “It may be better for you”?  Well, you have not got your first rank in the game yet and going up ranks takes a lot of time so you can use your time efficiently by playing deathmatch and practising recoil control before battling to get your first rank.  By using this time efficiently, it means you will waste less time going up the ranks because you will acquire a better rank after your first ten games than you would without using this time to practice your skills.


Warmup routines

Warmup routines are one of the most vital things to do in Counter-Strike.  This is why all the pros do it.  But you may be wondering, “What is the best way to warmup?”  Do not worry, you are not the first person to ask this, and will not be the last.  Most people that play Counter-Strike competitively have thought what and how will they do their warmup.  Every pro has different ways to warmup, and it is all preference.  But not to worry I have a list of different ways you can warmup and some pros do this to warmup.

Retakes: Retakes is a game mode which allows you to retake or defend a bombsite.  You will find hundreds of servers with this game mode on the Browse Community Servers by typing the keyword “retakes”.  Retakes will help you with knowledge of different maps that you will be playing in matchmaking, improve your aim, improve your clutching skills and abilities, and most importantly it is fun!

Bot Deathmatch: Bot deathmatch improves your raw aim.  It is not as fun as retakes, but it helps you a lot more with improving aim.  There are plenty of workshop maps that will let you do bot deathmatch.  The best map, in my opinion, is aim botz (

Free for all / Deathmatch: There are valve deathmatch servers, but you should not use them because they are 64 tick, you can only kill the enemies meaning you will spend even more time running around the map looking for enemies to shoot.  Therefore, you should be using deathmatch servers from community servers because there are more modes of deathmatch to help you improve and they allow you to shoot teammates meaning there are more people to attack so you spend less time running around the map and most servers are 128 tickrate.  There is Headshot only which only lets you shoot at the heads of people and this will help you to hit headshots which give a lot more damage when shooting and some guns kill an enemy after a headshot.  Also, there is Pistol Deathmatch which allows you to improve your pistol skills. There is a lot more modes that you can play of deathmatch by typing “deathmatch or ffa” in browse community server.

KZ/Surf: You can search for surf or kz in browse community servers which will help you with your movement in the game which is one of the most important skills in the game and it is also good to help you get comfortable in your position.  Surf and KZ can also be very fun and relaxing.


Movement is one of the most important skill to master in Counter-Strike and with the combination of movement and aim you will become a very good Counter-Strike player.  To improve your movement, you can play on surf and kz servers from browse community servers, also you can play deathmatch and practice counter strafing.   “What is counter strafing?”  Counter strafing is when you use more of your keyboard to aim.  Basically, counter strafing means you move and shoot in a skilful way.  Counter strafing will make it harder for your enemy to shoot you because you are moving.

Different types of shooting

Tapping: Tapping is when you only shoot one bullet at a time which will mean better accuracy, but a slower firing rate.  When you tap you want to be aiming for the enemy’s head because this will mean the enemy will die quicker to compare with tapping at the enemy’s legs.

Bursting: Burst fire is when you shoot up to three bullets after each other.  Bursting means better accuracy than spraying, but worse accuracy than tapping.  It also means a faster firing rate than tapping, but a slower firing rate than spraying.  When bursting, you also want to be aiming for the enemy’s head.

Spraying: Spraying is when you do not stop shooting until the enemy is dead.  Spraying has the worst accuracy than tapping and bursting, but it has the fastest firing rate of the three.  When you are spraying you want to be controlling the recoil as you spray, meaning your crosshair starts from the enemy’s head and is moves down in the same pattern as the recoil of the weapon.  Visit here to look at all of the recoils.

Playing matchmaking

When you are playing matchmaking you want to try and queue with people that you know so that you do not get people trolling in your game, but be careful with who you play with.  You do not want to be playing with people that are a lot worse than you at the game because you will not improve, but you also do not want to play with people who are a lot better than you because it will be too hard for you and you will always get wrecked (sorry).  The best people to be queueing with is people the same skill level than you or just a little bit better, but not too much.

The most important thing you remember when playing Counter-Strike is that everyone has a bad game, so don’t get angry at yourself if you play badly, just stay calm take a 5-minute break and then play another game.





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