Dust2 – The 6 + 1 essential Smokes

Dust2 is the most popular competitive map, still you hardly see players throw decent smokes, until you join a fixed team. Learn how to accurately place smokes on de_dust2 that actually provide strategic value to you and your team with the awesome video tutorial from LegionGamingTeam’s LGN Shadow. After you watch how it’s done, you need to practice most of the throws many time to get them right even under the stress of a competitive match.

For a good practice configuration type this into the console [~]:

  • map de_dust2 // Load Dust2
  • bot_kick // Kick all bots
  • mp_roundtime_defuse 60 // Infinite round time
  • mp_restartgame 1 // Restart game with more time
  • sv_cheats 1 // Enable cheat mode
  • sv_grenade_trajectory 1 // Show grenade path
  • give weapon_smokegrenade // Buy a smoke grenade
  • sv_infinite_ammo 1 // Infinite ammo
  • bind f "noclip" // Press “f” to fly with speed

CT smoke mid the right way

  • As CT don’t throw your smoke directly in front of the doors, because it hinders the player who is watching or AWPing mid towards T spawn for too long.
  • Throwing it as shown in the video still lets you cross to B undetected.
  • The Mid CT Player can still see or AWP Terrorists that rush Mid or go A short.
  • Let your team know what you are doing, because it’s not obvious.

CT smoke B tunnels

  • As CT you know that the tunnel at bomb spot B is a common place for terrorists to lurk around or even rush.
  • Smoking the tunnel at the beginning of the round discourages the terrorist team to rush through to B and stops any intel they could have gained from that position.
  • It also gives you more time to position yourself as CT wherever you want to at B.
  • In case you need to retake bomb spot B coming from Mid this smoke is essential to cover that particular angle.

CT smoke double doors A long

  • When you are covering A long as CT you might want to smoke double doors to hold up the terrorist team for a little while, so you team mates have more time to rotate or else.
  • This particular smoke helps you to avoid exposing yourself at the corner from A long to double doors.
  • This is a nice counter, in case the terrorists smoke that corner to push into pit or A long.

T smoke double doors A long

  • As Terrorists, if you decide to go A long you are likely to have experiences that CT guys waiting for you with his M4 right at the corner to A long, peaking into double doors before you have a chance to get there.
  • This smoke will void that particular CT advantage and lets your team go through double doors easier.
  • You can use this smoke to fake a A long strategy … but don’t become to predictable.

T smoke CT ramp from A long

  • As Terrorists, when you go A long and get through double doors, you often want to smoke the cross right before bomb spot A, to be save from anybody coming form CT spawn.
  • Throwing from A long is quite exposed to opponents at Car or on spot A, but still can be handy if you don’t meet anybody.
  • This smoke lets you smoke the cross, but even further down to CT spawn, which leave no openings for an AWPer.
  • This smoke also leaves your sight upon A short open, compared to the “normal” cross smoke.
  • It’s not the easiest to pull of, but very much worth practicing.

T smoke CT spawn from A short

  • When you have planted the bomb at A, but are being push from A long or Mid to hard and are able to retried to A short, this smoke is great way to smoke of CT spawn, with exposing yourself at A short.
  • A successful smoke at CT spawn grants you one angle less to worry about, while your trying to retake the bomb spot or just try to delay the CTs from defusing the bomb.

Smoking B plat for retakes

  • Trying to retake B, you are more or less every time confronted with that guy sitting way back on the plat behind the box, covering almost all angles.
  • Most suggested smokes don’t cover all angles, but this one does. Among other things it’s a good reason way you should approach B from Mid.

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