Practice and improve your aiming like a boss


Aiming is the most important skill in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, but it takes time to master.  But hopefully, after reading this article you will understand what you need to do to feel more comfortable when you aim and most importantly improve your aim dramatically.

Aiming in Counter-Strike Global Offensive takes a lot of time and effort to perfect.  Therefore, at the bottom of this article, there will be a link to a schedule which will help you improve your aim drastically in a time efficient manner.

Three types of shooting – Spray, Burst and Tap

When aiming you must take into account the type of shooting you use when aiming.  In Counter-Strike there are three main types of shooting – Spraying, Bursting and Tapping.  In a higher level of Counter-Strike it is vital that you know how to use all types of shooting, and most importantly when to use the types of shooting.  If you are playing at a lower skill level of Counter-Strike, this article will help you to begin perfecting your spraying, bursting and tapping.  And if you are playing at a higher skill level of Counter-Strike this article will help you practice your aiming further.


Spraying is the most used method of shooting in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.  But spraying is more complicated than you think, it takes time to perfect your recoil control using muscle memory.  There is a lot of ways that you can perfect your spraying, the best method I have seen is by using this workshop map. Or by looking at the recoil patterns here and shooting at a wall in an offline server doing the opposite pattern of the recoil pattern.  As you can see in the linked article, every weapon has a different recoil pattern, so it is important to learn the recoil pattern to main guns like; AK47, M4A4 and M4A1-S before learning the recoil to other weapons.

When spraying you should try and place your crosshair on the enemy’s head to start and then control your recoil to try and keep the bullets going to the enemy’s head, this will ensure more damage to the enemy in a smaller amount of time.

You should try to spray only when in close range battles, because spraying can be very inaccurate in long ranges, so you should try to tap in long ranges.

After spraying a lot in: games, deathmatch, offline with bots you will find it more comfortable in controlling your recoil, and controlling the recoil will come naturally to you.


Bursting is when you shoot around three bullets at the same time.  Bursting gives you more control on where the bullets go, so it is good for long and mid-ranges.  Depending on which weapon you are using, the distance between every bullet can vary, but the safest option when bursting is 3 bullets.


Tapping is when you shoot one bullet at a time, and tapping is the most accurate of the three methods of shooting.  Because tapping is the most accurate method of shooting, it is also the best method of shooting for long range engagements.

When you are tapping you want to be aiming at the enemy’s head, making sure you deal more damage and killing the enemy quicker.


Movement is vital for aiming in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and can sometimes mean a kill or not in a battle.  There are different topics of movements, so here are some videos that can help you with that:


Bunny Hopping

Crouching and walking (SHIFT)

Getting a comfortable sensitivity and resolution


Sensitivity is vital in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.  It is important for muscle memory and is crucial that you feel comfortable with your sensitivity.  With your sensitivity, you should not go out and find what sensitivity pro players use, you should try to find a sensitivity by watching the video below.  Also, you should try to NEVER change your sensitivity because you have been working on your muscle memory with a sensitivity and you just mess your muscle memory up if you change your sensitivity.


Like sensitivity, resolution is also down to your preference and how comfortable you feel.  The main thing you can change for your resolution is the aspect ratio.  The three aspect ratios in Counter-Strike is 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10.  The best way to test out different aspect ratios and resolutions by playing around 30 minutes of deathmatch and then choose one that you feel the most comfortable on.  You should try to play with a resolution that you are comfortable with for a long time, and try not to change it too often.

Black bars or no black bars?  Yet again, this is up to you.  You should not copy what all the pros choose, you should spend time finding what feels good for you and stick with it!

Crosshair placement

Crosshair placement is important and easy.  The sooner you get crosshair placement into your norm, the better.  Crosshair placement is where you place your crosshair when you are not in a battle, so when you do encounter an enemy you are ready and your aim is on the enemy’s head already.

Warmup Routine

Warming up is very useful for your aim before playing some games, it will refresh your muscle memory, improving your flick shots, headshots and recoil control.  You can make a warmup routine using different servers and workshop maps.  Here are some good servers and workshop maps:

Aim Botz (MAP)

Recoil Master (MAP)

Training_Aim_csgo_dark (MAP)

Fast Aim/Reflex (MAP)



Practising and improve your aim

The saying “Practice makes perfect” is completely true in Counter-Strike.  The more you practice your aim, the more it will improve. For you to improve your aim you should be practising all the points above and more!  You can do this by playing Free-For-All Deathmatches I have linked above.  The more time you invest into practising your aim the better it will get… And trust me, you will feel the difference.

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